Casting Notice-Short Film-Jersey City-4/14/19

One Male and One Female. Any Ethnicity. Ages 20-70. Email headshot, reel, resume by 4/13.,


Production Notes: Non-Union: $75 Pay; Short film for “Mono No Aware” Film Class; Invite to screening party in May; Digital copy for reel

Casting: One Man, One Woman, Age 20-70, Any Ethnicity

Shoot Date: Sunday, April 14th, 2019--11:00am-5:00pm

Location: Jersey City (1 minute from Grove St. PATH stop)

Director: Jonathan Khanlian

Film Stock: 16MM Color, Daylight ISO 250

Set: Fog throughout this whole scene. Shafts of light shine through the vertical blinds in the four windows.

Shooting Notes: Rehearse shots twice; Shoot once. Need to average no more than 3 seconds a shot. Closeup reaction shots should be just one second long. Shoot shots of TV screen last.

Sound Notes: All audio in post. The windows are open letting in some street sound and there is a subtle synth tone generated with the Yamaha AN1x synth on the opening shot.


(2 second 60 FPS shot = 5 second 24 FPS shot) 1-Overhead shot: Classic black and white soccer ball being thrown up in the air towards an overhead camera by a woman lying on a mattress on the floor. [This will be shot by dropping the ball right in front of the lens, then the actress catching it, and then throwing it back in the air past the camera lens. She starts to roll off the bed immediately after tossing the ball back up in the air like a basketball player practicing her shot.]

(2 seconds 60 FPS cranked to 24 FPS = 4 seconds 24 FPS shot) 2-Not too wide: The ball is still rising in the air while the actress rolls off the mattress on the floor, gets up, and makes her way towards the other side of the room all in one motion.

(3 seconds) 3-From Side: Vinyl records on the shelf. She arrives and looks to pick one out.

(1 second) 4-Overhead shot: The ball hits the mattress.

(7 seconds) 5-She takes a vinyl record from the shelf and removes it from the sleeve. The camera follows her as she places it down on the record player. She moves the arm over the rotating record and starts to place the needle down.

(1 second) 6-CloseUp: The needle hits. [A Yamaha AN1X synth voice melody starts.]

(3 seconds) 7-Man sitting on colorful Afghan blanket with his back resting up against the couch in the corner. He is sitting at the foot of the bed, shaking dice in his hand. [This shot is spliced in with the previous shot during editing.]

(2 seconds) 8-Overhead shot: The mans hand is jiggling dice over a game of backgammon.

(2 seconds) 9-The woman crosses the room towards another window.

(1 second) 10-Closeup: The man seems a little uncertain as he watches her.

(3 seconds) 11-She walks over to a suitcase along the wall and opens it up.

(2 seconds) 12-Closeup: It is filled with audio cassette tapes. She takes one out and...

(3 seconds) 13-Closeup: Pops open a cassette player, puts the tape in, shuts it, and presses play. [A second synth voice starts]

(2 seconds) 14-Closeup: She has a mischievous yet benevolent smile as she looks out of the window to her left. She slowly leans forward.

(2 seconds) 15-Over the shoulder: She moves towards the window. The camera follows her.

(1 second) 16-Slightly CloserUp: The man waiting seems more concerned.

(2 seconds) 17-On the windowsill sits some junk including a pyramid clock [which adds a little click rhythm to the music], a few candles, and a small cauldron of sludge. Her hand passes through the frame reaching...

(3 seconds) 18-An overhead shot of her picking up a tree stick that sits amongst the junk, and then using it to pick up the cauldron.

(2 seconds) 19-Closeup: The man’s hands stop jiggling the dice.

(1 second) 20-ClosestUp: The man has very concerned look.

(3 seconds) 21-She turns back, carrying the cauldron with the stick.

(2 seconds) 22-Her waist crosses in front of a TV [In Digital Post, composite picture of the scene inside itself on the TV screen.]

(2 seconds) 23-When we cut back to the person carrying the cauldron and pan up, we see that it is now the guy carrying it, and he has a mischievous smile.

(1 second) 24-The woman is now at the base of the couch, where he once sat, looking uncertain.

(5 seconds) 25-We slowly move back from the TV screen. [The nested, self-referencing image on the TV screen will be composited in post.]

(3 seconds) 26-The positions are switched back to the normal situation, as the woman kneels to put the caldron on the table next to the man.

(4 seconds) 27-Closeup Overhead: She removes the dice from his hands, and puts them on the backgammon board. She then puts a spoon in his hand and closes his fingers around it.

(1 second) 28-Closeup: He looks slightly scared as he looks down towards his hands (which are off camera).

(2 seconds) 29-Closeup: She looks mischievous as she moves towards him.

(3 seconds) 30-Closeup: The man looks surprised as a spoon is in his mouth and his mouth is moving around. She then removes a spoon full of sludge from his mouth. [This is a reverse shot of her feeding him a spoon full of sludge.]

(5 seconds) 31-Really Closeup: She looks down at the spoon which is out of frame. She brings it in to frame and eats it. She slowly turns her head to look back in the TV’s direction. The spoon falls out of her mouth.

(1 second) 32-Closeup: The spoon flies out of the cauldron. [Shot by dropping spoon in caldron and then played back in reverse.]

(4 seconds) 33-We see them both in the shot staring back towards the camera.

(5+ seconds) 34-We slowly move back from the TV screen. [The nested image on the TV screen will be composited in post.]

(1 second) 35-Closeup: Centered shot of Man in trance.

(1 second) 36-Closeup: Centered shot of Woman in trance. [Shots 35 and 36 will get spliced together, altering every couple frames, along with two almost imperceptible frames that read “Ego Death”. After two seconds, we’ll see the first shot played backwards so we end on the opening frame of the black and white soccer ball reaching it’s peak right in front of the camera lens.]

Film decay out.